Medical Treatment

Mothers of Orphans

The organization helps patients by providing kidney transplant, liver transplant, eye surgery, heart surgery and many other types of surgeries as well as meeting the patients' needs
Work and activities of this organization encompasses entire classes of society; like mothers of orphans, children whose fathers dead. 
In Ramadhan and Eid al-Adha, 200.000 Iraqi dinars is given to 500 children and the total costs reaches 100.000.000 Iraqi Dinars 

Rebuilding Mosques 

One of the most imprtant works and goals of this organization is education and training in order to make our society more educated and increase awareness in the field of science and religion. 
Therefore, the organization has spent a lot of money in order to build mosques, scientific nad religious schools as well as halls for religious ceremonies. 
The organization slaughtered 100 animals and distributed the meat to the poor families in Erbil and suburb.

Assistance Peshmerga Forces/ Khazir Front 

Makhmour Front

The organization provided food and drink for the Peshmerga forces at KHAZIR front for one week.

The organization provided food and drink for the Peshmerga forces in Makhmour front for one week.

Building Homes for Martyrs 

Distributing Dates 

Distributing dates over to almost all mosques in Erbil and its suburb in Ramadhan wholey month. 
Building and rebuilding houses for the Martyr's and the poor families. the cost of each was $70000 in Kurdistan. 

Assistance Religious studies 

Holly Qura'an 

Assitance religious studies (Sharia'a) students in Erbil the subrubs, including sidikan (Hujra (studying rooms in Mosques), where ID75.000 as monthly salaries distributed to more than 300 students. 
HISCF distributed more than 4000 Holy Qurans as a gift to the entire Mosques of erbil and countryside including Soran district in Ramadhan month. 


Distributing 5000 notebooks and stationary over (Qala school) for girls.  

Purchasing ambulances for the Peshmerga Forces 

...and more is upcoming