About Us

: To be the first top charity foundation in Kurdistan and th region

: Providing cash and in-kind assistance for the people in need in Kurdistan according to innovative charitable    programs and projects

: Providing charitable services in the social, cultural and humanitarian assistance aspects.

Our Objectives

  • Providing charitable services in social, cultural and humanitarian aspects in to develop life quality of various social classes of Kurdistan and the entire humanity.
  • Providing opportunities for the people in need in order to make them discover their capabilities in various kinds of jobs.
  • Assisting poor families, people with low income, people exposed to disasters, war and famine. A special emergency team was formulated for this purpose.
  • Assisting Peshmergas' martyrs' families and the Anfalized (Genocide) people.
  • Assisting poor students and teens as well as people with low income, providing their needs in order to make them active in the society. Meanwhile, helping them in marriage costs.
  • Coordinating with the foreign and domestic charity communities and organizations in order to perform effective activities in the above-mentioned fields.
  • Giving a great importance to development and investment projects, especially in the fields of projects that provide work opportunity and products for poor people.

Meet The Team
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